6 Most Successful Celebrity Nose Jobs

Life as a celebrity is not easy. Celebrities are more often than not ridiculed and criticized over small boobs, floppy or wore shapeless nose. This has made most of them to go ahead and have nose jobs. We often hear lots of unsuccessful celebrity plastic surgery but we have a few that are a success. Below is a list of the top seven successful celebrity nose jobs:

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Jennifer Aniston: She is best known for her role in friend’s fame as Rachel green. This celebrity seems to be good friends with her surgeon as she is said to have undergone two successful nose job procedures. Though she denies this claiming that she only corrected a deviated septum, her before and after surgery pictures says it all. Her able surgeon was able to fix her deviated septum and shape her nose to look slimmer and straighter at the bridge making it look more natural.

Alexa Ray Joel: The daughter to the famous dad is another celebrity who has had a successful nose job. She went for the surgery several times with her mom, Christie Brinkley who also got a facelift by the same surgeon. Alexa has admitted to being uncomfortable with the shape of her nose but her nose now looks slimmer and it suits her baby face perfectly

Beyonce Knowles: Beyonce is an outstanding example of economic success in America, She posses natural beauty but most people always wonder if she has ever had a nose job.

Comparing her different pictures, it is clear that this successful musician and actor has had some type of nose job and modification. The nose in the pictures before the nose job is flatter than the nose in her after surgery pictures.

Kim Kardashian: It is clear that Kim kardashian has experienced more than one nose jobs. This reality TV celebrity is famous for trimming the width of her long nose. She also had a kink on her nose that was corrected through several plastic surgeries.
Scarlett Johansson: The nose job that Scarlett Johansson experienced was indeed a successful one. It transformed her from the kid’s look to a very beautiful woman. The effect of the surgery is subtle, it narrowed the outside tip of her nose.

Patrick Dempsey:  The nose job of Patrick Dempsey is noticeable. Most people have forgotten about it since he had it when he was young. The tip of his nose was narrowed to make him look older and more distinguished.

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